Our Minds are so programmed on these Companies that we dont see us hurting ourselves!

Joking around, I was talking to my boyfriend about this great weekend I had. I was in city to learn and achieve a goal I set for myself and did. It was wonderful, so wonderful after the lessons we all went to eat together. The resturant of choice was Mcdonalds. At the time I saw nothing wrong with it. Well, last night while on the internet I saw a mindblowing article about products that we use daily but causes harmful effects on our bodies.


Going back to the talk with my boyfriend, We had three beautiful days remodeling our bodies and minds. Eating good food, healthy conversations, meditating, and yoga exercises. This group was great, we all worked to receive our "Yogalehrerin(BYV) Certificate". Us being brand new yoga teachers, you would think that we all know better than to eat at Mcdonald. It troubles me to see how fast we go from learning all those healthy teachings to a place we know does not fit in what we learned.    


We do that almost every day, cause we are so programmed on these companies!

Let me know what you think! 


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