Listen to the voice of your Heart & overcome your struggle!

So what is the purpose in life, in your life?

Well, me thinkin about my past, makes me wanna share another story of mine with ya!

Me hangin out in the Studio with R.Kelly, him askin me to sing, makes me smile and wondering: "wow, did this really happen?"

Yes, it did happen! But i also know, i was not ready for this and it was not my purpose in life doing this (plus i cant sing, i mean not like this). So, me knowing NOW that it is a process, life is a process, it takes time to set your Mind, to reach the right Mindset, to be ready for what God has set for you, is a big Change in my life. Life is a Blessing and i cant wait for him showing me all the things that are in Progress and waiting for me, like he already shows me every single day. I am ready to share my gift with you God has given me. Alot of you think now, wow this Girl was hanging out in the Studio with R.Kelly and he gave her the Chance to sing! Well he gave me alot of chances to do something great, if i think about all them opportunities i had but i couln't, i didn't. I was not ready, maybe to young, to naiv, not ready in the right state of mind! It was just not the right place for me to stay at that time.

What i really wanna say is, know your worth, know what God has given you. Each of us has a Story to share, maybe share yours and help others with it!

Each of us go through some struggles every day! Believe in yourself, stay strong, find the purpose in your life! I know that, if God gave me all them experiences in young Age, he just set some steps for me to grow for myself, grow out of my comfort Zone and make things happen!

So me writin this Story, sharin this Story with ya, is also a process for me. Believe in yourself & live your Dreams. Love, Spirit, Power, yours Selina

Oh, and never forget, don't give a f+++ what People think or do, they aint walk in your shoes and if they want to, they are gonna talk behind your back anyway!

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