Me being a mother of two beautiful boys now, facing the fact that it is so important to teach kids that everybody does not look the same and that we are all beautiful and unique in our own ways. So too are the animals and all of human nature. We are all God's Creatures. I am proud to have vitiligo and I do hope to help others out there struggling with their skin, because there is a need to be supportive of one another. 



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    Ogo Maduewesi (Donnerstag, 11 Januar 2018 13:47)

    I totally agree with you Sis, we are all beautiful and more so differently beautiful. Living with Vitiligo is one psychosocially challenged skin condition for many of us, but truly when it is what we do not have control over, there is little or nothing we can do than find a coping strategy that will work for us individually. One key one I always advise is for us to get informed about Vitiligo, the better understanding we have of it, the more we can manage and live more confidently with it.
    Finding support, talking to others can be of immense help too. Please do not feel alone because you are not alone, reach out when you feel so down and possibly suicidal.
    Leaving you with warmest���

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    Lucian Voy (Sonntag, 11 Februar 2018 11:33)

    I was happy to read your story a while ago. You have a strong and friendly way to describe your feelings. When I look at you I see only beauty and acceptance. Vitiligo is not something we can learn about, I mean we can try but no one really knows how to comprehend the causes and come with a solution, so until then we just need to accept it and make the best out of it. Afterall we are humans and we adapt well to every challenge and that's what makes us stronger and unique. Beauty is in everything and everyone, we, vitiligans have the eye for it. We see the unseen sometimes.

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